How to Increase and Control the Visibility of Your LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn is a business social network that has become the backbone of online business communication and a place where you can find the desired job. It enables direct communication with potential employers and associates, and the user profile on LinkedIn has more and more businessmen and people, in general, in the world.

LinkedIn has a large number of users and in order for others to notice you, sometimes it is necessary to make certain improvements with which you can increase your visibility. That should be then followed by the marketing and advertising strategy such as targeted self-service ads, which payment operators use a lot to reach users worldwide or make partnerships. For instance, CASHlib (a very popular voucher payment method, employed even in the gambling niche where sites are rated by the criteria of the Top CASHlib casinos and some of them can be found here) is a good example of closing affiliate programs with several FinTech companies this way.

This business network isn’t without problems that exist on other social networks, so you’ll experience on LinkedIn that there are many spammers and that some unknown people will randomly try to connect with you, and it’s not uncommon that you will often receive certain offers that want to make you pay. To avoid these problems, there are settings you can use to control the visibility of your LinkedIn profile.

Although your LinkedIn user profile is in the public domain and can be easily seen by others, it’s certainly important to you that some of your personal information isn’t available to everyone and can’t be shared so easily. Fortunately, LinkedIn allows customizations to edit who can see and search your profile. It’s necessary to find a certain balance between working on increasing visibility on LinkedIn, but also managing it with certain settings.

Here are some helpful tips on how to increase visibility on LinkedIn and how to customize the visibility of your LinkedIn user profile to your needs.

How to Increase Visibility?

LinkedIn is a large business network with almost 300 million active users every month. If you want to find a new job on LinkedIn or you are hoping to be able to build new business connections, you need to pay attention to the components of the user profile that we bring below.

1. Edit Your User Profile to Be Attractive and Easier to Find


What’s immediately visible on your LinkedIn profile is the so-called “Introduction card” which is actually a header that lists all the most important information about you. In addition to choosing the right photo and providing the most important information about yourself, make sure you choose the words you use to describe your job or skills, as potential employers or co-workers you want to attract will be sure to type them into LinkedIn.

It’s similar to other parts of your user profile. The “Summary” section is also very important because it lists the most important information about yourself that you’d like to be available to others to gain insight into your education, abilities, and skills. Always keep in mind that everything under the “Summary” section must include some of the words or terms that others will search on LinkedIn.

2. Look For Potential Connections on LinkedIn

To make initial connections on LinkedIn, connect with people you already know.

You should also work on leaving recommendations and comments so that you’ll be visible, and it’s especially recommended that you connect with people you already know or who work within your industry by searching for an educational field or a specific field in which you work.

3. Apply to the So-Called CRE Groups on LinkedIn



The more connected you are on LinkedIn, the better your chances of reaching your desired goal, be it employment or business collaboration.

On LinkedIn, there are more than 2 million active, so-called, CRE groups that bring together people within a particular profession or business segment. Search LinkedIn and become part of these groups where you can find quality connections and information.

4. Share Content in the News Feed

Do you know how content sharing works on Facebook? Well, it’s similar on LinkedIn, only here, it’s about much more useful things and topics.

Be active and share links, content, and news related to your profession or field of work. This way, the people you’re connected to can share your content and comment on it, and you’ll be visible to employers and co-workers. There’s also the option to use hashtags, so use it to make your shared content more widely available.

5. Don’t Forget “LinkedIn Publisher”


Do you have many ideas that you’d like to share with others? Shape them into text and publish them on “LinkedIn Publisher”. The articles you write and share can help you promote and present your ideas that can always catch the eye of an employer or potential business associate.

Working on visibility on LinkedIn is very important, but it should always be in a certain balance to avoid inconveniences and unwanted content. Below are some of the options for customizing your visibility settings.

6. Customize Your LinkedIn Profile via “Viewing Mode”

A useful feature on LinkedIn is the ability to manage settings related to viewing user profiles. For these settings, you need to click on “Me” in the upper right corner and select “Settings & Privacy”. Then click on “Visibility” and then on the section “Visibility of your profile and network”.

In this menu, you can set if others will be able to see your profile name and header or if they’ll be able to contact you. Another option is to hide your name and profile header, and others will only see information about where you work. If you turn on “Private Mode”, your profile will be displayed anonymously, without providing important information. To change all visibility settings, just click on “Change” and after making changes, click on “Close”.

7. Edit and View Public Information on a LinkedIn Profile


With these settings, you edit how your profile is visible to people who aren’t logged in to LinkedIn and who can view your profile by searching on a web search engine.

Your profile visibility is set to public by default. To change this, go to the “Visibility” section again, click on “Edit your public profile” and select the “Edit visibility” section. Scroll here to the bottom of the window and specify how you want your user profile to be displayed publicly.

8. Decide Who Can See and Retrieve Your Email Address

Privacy settings also determine the ability of someone else to see or retrieve your email address. To avoid inconvenience or unsolicited e-mails, there’s a possibility to change the settings.

Within the “Visibility” section, you have a menu “Who can see or download your email address”. Below you can select the settings related to e-mail and who can access your e-mail address in the drop-down menu.

9. Change Who Can See Your Last Name


If you want to edit the display of your full name and surname differently, there’s an option on LinkedIn to select the “Who can see your last name” menu under the “Visibility” section.

Your first and last name are visible to everyone by default and you can change this within this menu.

10. Control the Visibility of Your Profile Outside of LinkedIn

Some applications and services may display data from your LinkedIn profile. This is especially true for Outlook and some employment-related services that may use and display information about you by default. To change this, under the “Visibility” section, click on “Profile visibility and discovery off-LinkedIn”.

You’ll see a button with which you can confirm or disable the sharing of your data on other applications and services.

11. Choose Who Can Discover Your Profile by Using Your Email Address


There are several ways others can discover your LinkedIn profile, and one of them is via email.

Inside the “Visibility” box, there is a “Profile discovery using email address” menu to disable this. Specify who can see your profile or contact you using an email address therein.

12. Control Who Can Find Your Profile by Phone Number

If you’ve added your phone number to the contact, others can use it to find you. To change this setting you need to go to the “Security & Privacy” menu and select “Profile discovery using phone number”.

In this section, you can choose who can discover your profile or connect to you using a phone number.