What Is The Easiest Country To Buy A House In Europe In 2022?

In the last period, the overall real estate market in Europe was incredibly strong. Since there are so many countries in Europe, a person that wants to move here can have trouble in the terms of choosing the best place to buy a house. Property investments have always been safe assets that give you a chance to increase your wealth over time.

However, when it comes to choosing the location, you won’t just be the one that can raise the value of your property, but you want to look for something that will be suitable for your budget. If you would rather have expert people by your side and not go through the whole purchasing process alone, you should consult with the professional team on this website and at the same time see their wide range of attractive house options. Who knows, maybe you will find your dream house just with one click!

Before you start your research you should know that both residential and commercial properties can be very expensive in some locations. However, the good news is that the low inflation rates and modest economical raise attract investors a lot. In this article, we are going to talk about some countries in Europe where you can buy a house in the most easier way.

1. Think about buying a house in Paris, France

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Paris is such a romantic, stunning and breathtaking city that attracts millions of tourists every year. However, why should not you consider this as the place where you can buy a house and actually start living? The charm that Paris comes with includes incredible museums, high-start restaurants, and the perfect balance of work and life which allows a very beautiful lifestyle.

Therefore, you should not be surprised to hear that the property value is continuing to rise here. However, after the pandemic, the market here become very resilient. The interest rates were very as well which means that buying a house here can be a very wise idea. One more interesting thing that you should know if you are considering buying a house in France is that are allowing foreigners to obtain in-country financing.

2. Consider the Valletta town in Malta

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The capital of Malta – Valletta is truly considered one of the most historic towns all across the world since it comes with a timeless sense and many options for business, shopping, dining, etc. If you decide to buy a house in Malta, you are going to be surrounded by a multilingual population that mostly speaks English. The culture here is very welcoming, healthcare is excellent and the overall environment is pro-landlord.

All the investors that are looking for a budget-friendly location for buying a house can consider this town. There are some other attractive towns in Malta that also offer affordable houses that you can easily buy. When it comes to the price of properties, Malta requires foreigners to offer at least €104,737 for purchasing apartments and € 174,514 for the houses.

3. What about the Limassol town in Cyprus

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If you decide to buy your new house in Cyprus, you are going to benefit a lot in the terms of visiting other places since you will be able to easily access Dubai, London, and other parts of Europe as well. When it comes to the lifestyle here, you can expect to enjoy the old and traditional part that comes with rich historical significance as well as the modern and popular marina area that includes shopping, dining, bars, and entertaining things.

It is beneficial to invest in the house in Limassol. In general, the investment growth is stable which makes this town a great place to invest in. Best of all, foreigners can easily handle the purchasing process for an affordable price. Therefore, if you want to find some unique place to start you new life in, this can be a great option for you in this year.

4. You can decide on the beauty of Davos in Switzerland

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As the whole world knows, Switzerland is generally a breathtaking country that comes with stunning nature and beautiful mountain landscapes. This country is also known as an Alpine destination. Switzerland truly has everything, so whatever the type of person you are, you will be amazed by this country. You can consider many places where you can purchase your new home here and start your new life. However, we would recommend you consider Davos since it is one of the most popular wellness resorts. This is a place where major conferences and sports events are organized throughout the whole year. Here, people are truly aware of the benefits and importance of nature for overall health and their well-being.

This reflects the property value of the town as well. In other words, the market here will stay strong. Even though Switzerland has some restriction measures that foreigners can not buy residential property, you should know that you can purchase a house if you want to work in their country and contribute in that way. When comes to the non-residents people, have the right to purchase the commercial type of property without restriction only in the case that the property is intended solely for investment purposes.

5. Milan in Italy can be a great option for you as well

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Italy is an incredible country that primarily offers such a rich culture and history you can enjoy. With the excellent Mediterranean climate and delicious food, this can be your new residential destination. In general, even though Italy offers so many great cities to live in, we suggest you to chose Milan. This town comes with an international population and with a high-quality lifestyle that you can experience.

Investor experts are predicting that the property prices here are going to be raised a lot in the upcoming years. This means that if you are interested to live here and enjoy the Milan charm, you should decide to buy your new house right now.

There would not be a better time to do that. Best of all there is no any type of restrictions for foreigners in the terms of purchasing property in Italy. Therefore, you can easily buy your new house in this part of Europe. You just need to ensure that your money is going to be well-documented and that an international treaty permits your purchase. There is another great news that refers to the fact that you can benefit from an Italy government special program that offers to cover renovation costs in order to enhance the energy efficiency if you buy a house here. By having eco-friendly property, the value of your house is going to increase a lot.